State of Mind with Dr Shyam Bhat, Episode 1

In this episode, an alarming statistic that highlights the urgency of India’s mental health crisis, and a discussion of why the western ideal of “self-love” and self-esteem is unhealthy, and what we can gain from insights from eastern contemplative traditions.

State of Mind with Dr Shyam Bhat, Episode 2

Touching the feet of elders – a cultural relic, or psychologically healthy? Dr Shyam explores this and discusses the power of surrender.

How the Mind Constructs Reality | Capgras Syndrome

What can clinical conditions such as the rare “Capgras Syndrome” or the delusion of imposters, teach us about how our own minds.

Relaxation and Mindfulness

A brief mindfulness and relaxation exercise. Practice it everyday for best benefits.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

According to medical literature, this technique was developed in the US by Dr Edmund Jacobson. Of course, this technique has been in use for centuries in the east, as a preparatory phase for expanding consciousness.

Try this technique anytime you are feeling tense, keyed up, or unable to sleep.