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Don’t Fear, Celebrate Life

LIFE IS SHORT WHILE OFFERING INFINITE POSSIBILITY. AND, DON’T WAIT UNTIL THE END TO START CELEBRATING LIFE PERSON 1: He has been anxious all his life. He is afraid of fl ying, of heights, of women, of spiders, of water, and sometimes even of himself if he catches sight of his face in the mirror. His is a terrible suff ering, and it seems that all the therapy and medications in the world will not deliver...
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Life is Imperfection

Intentions are never enough. I have not updated this blog for over two months despite my best intentions. Almost every one of us makes plans that are never executed, resolutions that are dead on arrival – competing priorities and interests, the lack of time and energy, one day passes into the next and our plans stay unrealized. With time, the weight of unrealized intentions becomes oppressive and many people...
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