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Getting a grip

Answers present themselves when we observe and accept a difficult situation Often, life will present dilemmas, problems that cannot be resolved with logic or numbers or any of the other concrete measures that you might usually turn to. In these situations, I find that answers usually present themselves when we can truly observe and accept the difficult situation instead of railing against it, or suppressing the...
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Objects of Desire

You don’t need anything to experience joy You can’t always get what you want But if you try sometimes, well, you just might find You get what you need —The Rolling Stones As a hard-working, ambitious, rational person, you prefer hard facts to fluff. So allow me to share two formulae with you: Dissatisfaction∞Unmet Desires (dissatisfaction is directly proportional to unmet...
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Behind The Mask

Play your part. But remember who you are. The great psychoanalyst Carl Jung used the term ‘persona’ to describe the social mask that every individual wears—the face that we present to others. Although we aspire to be authentic, society is such that each individual has to learn to modulate their thoughts. And to be healthy and happy, this persona should not be fake but an expression of your own true...
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