Tag: Defense Mechanisms

Kill Your Darlings

William Faulkner famously advised writers to edit fearlessly, to remove particularly those sentences that they loved.  Faulkner knew that the narrative and cohesiveness of a novel is ruined by sentences that are incongruent, no matter how beautifully written. Kill your darlings, he said.  If Faulkner were a psychiatrist, he would have said the same thing in psychotherapy. The goal of all growth oriented...
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The Driver

“I was driving my car when it hit a deep pothole,” the lady said. “Somehow I managed to drive it out of the pit, but then I had to get the car repaired. The next day I was driving on another road, and I hit a pothole again, and once again, I had to get the car repaired. And just when I was coming to see you, my car hit another pothole. I think the car is cursed. It’s a horrible car, and deserves to go...
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