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The Mark of a Man

The video that might signal the end of ND Tiwari’s political career could easily have launched him on an entirely different, and arguably more important, career. If he had played it right, ND could have been an inspirational figure for the old, the infirm, and the sexually dormant all around the country. Across the globe, another octogenarian politician Bob Dole is remembered more for his Viagra ads than his...
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The Difficulty of being Rahul Gandhi

I am watching Rahul Gandhi’s interview with Arnab Goswami. It’s an emotional experience. At times I find myself angered on Rahul’s behalf, and want to protect him from the big bad interviewer. But Arnab seems to be holding back – compared to his usual aggressive bombast, he is gentler with the young Gandhi, displaying rare flashes of empathy. Could Arnab actually become a psychotherapist? I...
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Primal Scream

I was driving through Bangalore, past a few men riding the kind of expensive bikes favored by the weekend cyclist, but instead of streamlined Lumen helmets, Gandhi topis on their heads. A few kilometers away, nearer Freedom Park, I negotiated the car past a crowd of about 50 protestors on motorbikes, a few trailing behind in cars. In the past the protests that I had witnessed usually involved the beleaguered...
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