Love and heartbreak in the new India

Love is one of the most beautiful experience in one’s life. Over the years, the feeling of heartbreaks has intensified because the way the newer generation has felt the relationships is totally different from the earlier generations. Dr Shyam K Bhat MD is a Psychiatrist, Integrative Medicine specialist, and writer. He has postgraduate training and American Board certifications in two, usually disparate specialties Psychiatry (American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology) and Internal Medicine (American Board of Internal Medicine). He is also board certified in Psychosomatic Medicine (ABPN subspeciality), the study of conditions at the interface of body and mind. Dr Bhat combines these qualifications with a deep study and understanding of eastern philosophy and healing practices.

Meditation – The Single Most Important Skill Needed Today

Despite all our technological and scientific advancements, we have never been more miserable as a species.Yet the solution to this lies inside us. In this insightful talk, Dr. Shyam Bhat shares how meditation can help overcome all problems plaguing the human race in this age of constant hustle and bustle. Dr Shyam Bhat is a mental wellness and meditation expert. He is a pioneer of Integrative Medicine and holistic psychiatry in India.

Breaking free – being yourself in the new India

Dr Shyam Bhat is a psychiatrist and physician. He has a special interest in identity and culture. He is a published writer and was host of Heartline, India’s first live call in radio show with a psychiatrist.

Literati 2016 – Chandigarh

Dr. Shyam Bhat discussing over “Mysteries of the Mind” at Literati 2016 with Suparna Saraswati Puri as Moderator.

Deepika Padukone’s Story – Interview | NDTV

Deepika Padukone talks about her battle with Depression and her thought behind the initiative ‘The Live Love Laugh Foundation’.

Buddha in the City

Dr. Shyam Bhat says it’s important for us to forgive others and accept them in our lives, which will spread more joy and happiness in the world.

Location : SRCM Heartfulness Meditation Centre, Hyderabad

How to Stop Overthinking

In this episode of State of Mind, Dr. Shyam Bhat explores the causes and solutions of Overthinking. Overthinking, or Rumination, although common in today’s fast-paced world, increases the risk for stress, anxiety, depression, and even physical illness. Freedom from overthinking improves our energy, focus, creativity, and happiness.