The Mark of a Man

The video that might signal the end of ND Tiwari’s political career could easily have launched him on an entirely different, and arguably more important, career.

If he had played it right, ND could have been an inspirational figure for the old, the infirm, and the sexually dormant all around the country.

Across the globe, another octogenarian politician Bob Dole is remembered more for his Viagra ads than his failed attempt at winning the American presidency.

But Bob has nothing on ND. Bob didn’t star in his own sex video, and to be honest, didn’t have much of a political career.

ND, however, after three decades of screwing the country, showed that he could also do the same to women.

Now, of course, in his debut video, ND lacked the pep and vigour some of us have come to expect from these productions.

For those of you who have not yet seen the video, here’s a recap: ND is lying on his back, his body stiff, save for the vital organ. His eyes are shut and he is looking up at the ceiling as the women minister to his body.

The overall effect is of someone who is undergoing a mild form of torture.

But nevertheless, let us not forget that this video is the first of its kind – an 80-something public figure showing that he still has sexual needs.

What exactly are people outraged about? That he was with prostitutes? That he was doing the dirty at the Raj Bhavan? That he was cheating on his wife?

Sure, those are all issues that are deserving of social censure. But the real reason that people are upset is actually this: ND is an old guy, and our society expects 84 year old grandfathers to play the role of the benevolent, kindly old man fading gently into the sunset.

And then here comes this video, of this old man with three younger women, and viscerally, people react with disgust or ridicule.

Let’s face it – our reactions to ND’s antics are nothing but ageism, a prejudice that is perhaps harder to fight than racism, or sexism, and one that will affect all of us, if we live long enough.

I might be overstating it a bit, but ND might in fact be a hero.

Instead of resorting to the “video was doctored” excuse, he should have held his head high, called a press conference, and used this opportunity as a “teaching moment”.

ND I am sorry that you saw the video of me with those three women.

Reporter Are you sorry because it was an immoral act?

ND No, no, I am sorry that you didn’t have to pay for the video

. Pandemonium breaks out. The reporter thrusts a mike in ND’s face.

Reporter Sir, sir, what are you saying?

ND The video took a lot of effort on my part. You must have seen clearly that I was not actually enjoying it. I was just doing my duty, my son.

Reporter Duty?

ND Yes, I was helping all the older men in our country. Tell me, son, when you are in your 80s and feel that you can’t perform as a man any more, who will you remember? What will you remember? Yes, you will remember ND’s old but strong body and you will think to yourself: If ND could do it, so can I

November 24, 2018 | 11:05 am | By Dr Shyam Bhat
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